This global quality certification mark assures that every single product - for every single batch lot - bearing the Informed Sport logo, is both tested for and is in full compliance with being free of the full range of compounds in WADA's Banned Substances list. sport.wetestyoutrust.com


This new quality certification mark, from the technical administrators of Informed Sport, assures that every single product/lot, bearing the Informed Protein logo, both meets with protein label claims and is free from amino adulteration (spiking). sport.wetestyoutrust.com


This quality certification mark is the most recognized and trusted Non-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified Organism) mark in North America, and assures that the product bearing the logo complies with the joint Non-GMO verification standards of NSF International and Non-GMO Project. nongmoproject.org


This global quality certification mark assures that for fishstuffs - such as Omega-3s derived from deep sea marine lipid - that the entire chain of custody (CoC), from ocean to shelf, meets with the most stringent worldwide standards for sustainability and environmental and social compliance. msc.org


This mark is the hallmark quality certification standard for assuring that botanical-origin ingredients both meet label claim, and are standardized and tested using the most robust manufacturing and analytical practices, respectively - and are free of adulterants and unnecessary carriers. phytosure.com


This mark is the hallmark quality certification standard for assuring that deep sea ocean-derived Omega-3s, from fish source, not only meet - but exceed - the highest global standards for purity, and cleanliness from heavy metals, environmental pollutants, and oxidative factors. pureseaomega3.com

Chip Smith Performance Systems (CSPS)

This endorsement mark, from global athletic training and performance institute leader, Chip Smith, assures that product bearing this logo has been tested and approved by Chip Smith for helping to enhance the performance of the world's top collegiate and professional athletes. hammersmithsports.com

The NutritionDr.com 

This quality certification mark addresses product formulation (including formulation transparency - both what's in and not in any given product), product efficacy based on science (not marketing puffery), and product claims, assuring that product bearing this logo is the best-of-the-best. thenutritiondr.com